Should We Run High Score Competitions in Web Based Games?
Though there isn’t anything wrong with usual practices of using web-based games to run competitions through internet and practice of using branded games to run competitions based on the highest score is gaining popularity day by day. What appears like the biggest idea is the fact anything however here is why.

Issue with doing this is the easiness with which all the players can hack scoreboards to win prizes on the offer, and without any doubt, the better are the prizes; the more likely the players are inviting the hackers. This applies to all the web-based games, irrespective of the technology which is used to implement them. Whether it is a Flash Game, Unity Game or HTML 5 game, you can use some of all of the following methods to cheat as well as win the prizes.

Higher Score Script Can Send Hacking!

All the web-based games can use server side storage to store the global scoreboards that are common to all the players. This can be achieved by having the game call remote server side script. The game sends the score data of the player to the server side script, which then processes as well as stores qualifying scores in a server side database or data file.

The issue with doing all this is that it is easy for a player to change or intercept the data which is sent to the script. Or if they all have the location of the scoreboard script, they can falsely submit the score, entirely independent of the game and this will enable a player to add whatever score they need on scoreboard.
Hacking Memory

Another highly common method of cheating on the web-based games is to hack the score in the memory as the game is running. There are some freely available programs that are designed to specifically doing this. This can make it relatively simple for any of the player to change or locate the current score values in the memory as they used to play the game.
Hacking Timed Flash Games

This is more specific for Flash Games and it means that it is possible to manipulate the games that score based on the time which is achieved, for example, the fastest time wins or to win the prizes. To explain how this works, we actually need a bit of the technical explanation.

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